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Tinplate Car Alps

This tinplate car taxi was made by Alps (Shojo Ltd) around the 1960's. The car was beautifully lithographed in red with yellow headlights and green seat. The car was run on battery.

Approximate value: Between £20.00 - £30.00

Carette tinplate car This clockwork limousine was made by Carette in Nüremberg, Germany around 1910. This model is an excellent example of tinplate car production before World War I. This limousine was hand-enamelled although cheaper lithograph models were available. This model is extremely rare so prices are high.
Tinplate Bluebird Gunthermann This tinplate "Bluebird" was made by Gunthermann around 1930. It worked by clockwork with a permanent winder near the rear wheel. It is decorated on the front with th US and British flags.