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Tinplate Bluebird Siegfried Gunthermann

Siegfried Gunthermann

Siegfried Gunthermann was born in 1856 in Fürth. In the early 1870's Gunthermann moved to Nuremberg where he worked for Georg Leonh, at the sheet metal toy factory

In 1877, Gunthermann began trading under his own name of S Gunthermann - Mechanical Tin Toy Factory. Gunthermann specialised in mechanical tin cars but also made other tinplate toys such as tinplate carousels and a black tinplate lady which walked and swayed when she was wound up.

After Siegfried Gunthermann's death in 1886, the company was left to his widow, Marie nee Mack who subsequently married Adolf Weigel. The company seal, originally a circle, in which the letters SG were displayed were substitued by a shield in a circle with the letters A.S.G.W..

In 1965 the company was taken over by Siemens.